Tips on How to Write an Effective Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter

When writing a pharmaceutical sales cover letter, it is important, as in any sales cover letter, to mention the kinds of sales one was working in and how their sales techniques profited a company. Since pharmaceutical sales is highly competitive, showing how a person how they can make a sale will better their chances of getting an interview. It is still important to be brief and make sure the cover letter contains no grammatical errors. A professional cover letter is required when applying for a job with a pharmaceutical sales company.

When writing the letter, highlight management skills, sales, ability, and commitment to sales in general. A pharmaceutical sales cover letter should also mention the types of pharmaceuticals one has sold and which ones are a strength. Create a list of sales achievements, products sold, and recall a time when a sale was particularly difficult to make, but by demonstrating good sales technique, the sale was eventually made. Providing examples will give the hiring company a better idea of sales ability.

Other items that should be included in a pharmaceutical sales letter are educational background, why the person enjoys sales and why they want to continue their career in a different company. Do not spend a lot of time on these topics, just a sentence or two that will give the hiring company a clear sense of who a person is and what they can bring to a company. Since many people will be applying for the position, writing clearly what one’s intent is will help the company in selecting candidates for the interview process. For one position, a company may receive a hundred applications. By writing a pharmaceutical sales cover letter that explains what a person is looking for in simple terms will get an interview and will probably be offered a position.

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