How to Make a Cover Letter

To make a cover letter, one must purchase quality paper that is of a higher grade than regular copy paper. Do not buy brightly colored paper. Find a white or off white color. Bright colors will be ignored and are considered childish. Make sure there is enough ink in the printer before printing off the cover letter. Faded ink will not be taken seriously. Lastly, when signing the cover letter, make sure the ink does not smear on the page. This can look very unprofessional.

To make a cover letter that will stand out in the pile of cover letters, appearance is only the first step. The next step is the writing. Break the cover letter up into three sections. The cover letter should have an opening, a body, and a closing. Breaking the cover letter into three sections will keep the letter to a page. Never write more than a page. The people reading cover letters and resumes will be reading a hundred or more. Keep it simple, they will appreciate it.

When sending a cover letter, do not bend or fold it. Buy a manila envelope that is letter size. Place the cover letter and resume in the envelope. Why make a cover letter that will only end up creased if it is folded? Making a good impression begins with clean paper that is crisp and crease free. Before putting the letter in the envelope, proofread it a few times to make sure there are no mistakes. Taking the time to buy paper, envelopes, and ink should not be ruined by poor spelling and grammar mistakes. Making a cover letter that will get an interview is just as much about content as it is appearance, so be sure to correct any mistakes before mailing the cover letter and resume to the company.

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