How to Create a Cover Letter

There are a few ways to create a great cover letter. The first is to create a list of accomplishments that one has celebrated over the years. Accomplishments can include college course work or previous work assignments. Once the list is complete, choose one or two that pertain to the job requirements. Having examples of leadership, problem solving, and demonstrating team unity will definitely hold a company’s interest. These accomplishments should be discussed in paragraph two.

Another way to create a cover letter is to create an outline before writing it. The outline should have three sections: an opening, a body, and a closing. The opening should contain a greeting. If the contact name has not been given in the advertisement, try to find it by calling the company and asking. The opening can also contain how the position was found, why a person would like to work for the company, or something a person liked about the company. This paragraph should only be four or five sentences. The second paragraph should contain any accomplishments, prior job experience, or college courses that are relevant to the job description. The third paragraph should contain contact information and a sentence thanking the person for reading the cover letter. Signing the cover letter is the last step.

Creating a cover letter is simple once a person breaks it down into steps. Filling in the sections with information and then writing it out in complete sentences is the best way for those who have never written a cover letter. Always proofread it afterward and make sure the accomplishments fit the job description. Many times people will add an experience to their cover letter that will not mean anything to the person reading it. Creating a cover letter will take some time and effort if a person has never created one before.

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