Executive Cover Letter

An executive cover letter is similar to a business cover letter, but includes more past achievements than someone who is just beginning their career. When an executive wants to leave their company and find another job, they are leaving with experience in leadership, management, and decision making abilities. They are also trying to get a job that pays more money. Their cover letter will highlight what they have done for the company they are currently working for or a company they had worked for.

An executive cover letter should still be about three paragraphs and should be a page long. It should highlight one or two projects that fit the job description. Having work experience to add to a cover letter will create more interest to the hiring company. For an executive this is an easier task than for someone who is just out of college. But sometimes a person with too much experience can also be at a disadvantage. Having too many examples can make choosing the right ones more difficult. Look at the advertisement and answer the questions the best way possible. This may mean having to list all accomplishments and choosing the ones that answer the questions.

Executives who are looking for a better paying job or those who are looking to get back into the business world should showcase their experience and also mention why they would want to work for the hiring company. This is important for those who may be looking for employment with companies that are in competition with a person’s former company. Understanding where a person is coming from will help the people in charge of hiring. An executive cover letter will be measured against other cover letters, so being as clear as possible on why one is leaving one job for another will help greatly.

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