Cover Letter with Salary Requirement

Writing a cover letter with salary requirement is the same as writing any cover letter except that the company requested a salary range that would be acceptable. If a company does not ask for a salary requirement, do not give them one. This can hurt a person’s chances of getting an interview. But if the company does ask, research how much the position usually pays and how much would be needed to accept the position. Writing a cover letter with salary requirement should not include a paragraph about why that particular salary was chosen. Add the figure to the bottom of the second paragraph.

Just because a company asks for a cover letter with salary requirement does not mean that the person writing it should pick a number that is higher than the going rate for the position. If a company wants to fill a position, they already have a salary range in mind, and are looking for people who want to fall between that range. A salary requirement depends on many factors. The current rate of the position, a person’s past experience, and how much the company is willing to pay.

Be fair and reasonable when requesting a salary in a cover letter. Be polite and don’t make the focus of the cover letter the salary. A cover letter with salary requirement still focuses on the person who is writing it and what they are looking for in a company. The salary requirement is oftentimes requested because people who have applied for the position before may have been overqualified and wanted more money than the company was willing to pay. Follow the three paragraph rule and do not write more than a page. A cover letter with salary requirement should be the same length, printed on the same paper, and should be free of grammatical errors.

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