Business Cover Letter

When writing a business cover letter, keep in mind that it is an introduction of who a person is and what they are looking for in a new job. The cover letter should be brief, but should contain all the information necessary to hold a potential employers interest. The business cover letter should be composed on quality paper, have no grammatical errors, and should always include contact information. Knowing how to reach someone is very important. Give a phone number and email address. Place your street address at the top of the page.

A basic business cover letter has three paragraphs, an opening, a body, and a closing. Many people do not know what types of information to include in these sections, which is why their letters are usually longer than one page. The opening includes a greeting with two or three sentences on what type of position one is searching for. The second paragraph should include qualifications, background experience, or educational experience. The third paragraph should close the letter with a pleasant farewell and contact information. The letter should be then be signed.

Drafting a business cover letter will help to narrow the scope of the letter and help define a logical progression of the letter. Two or three more drafts will be necessary before the letter is finished. Proofreading the letter is very important. A quality cover letter is well written with no punctuation or spelling errors. Be sure to spell the contact person’s name correctly. Although writing a cover letter is stressful at first, once one has been written writing another is easy because the first can be used as a template. A business cover letter is one that will be read more carefully after someone has looked at the resume to make sure the person fits the job qualifications, so be sure to spend time on the resume as well as the cover letter.

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